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 Adoption Today
Your guide to the issues and answers surrounding International and domestic adoption. Written by adoptive parents, adoptees and professionals in the fields of medicine, law, education, social work, child development and International and domestic adoption.

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FOCUS: The Various Types of Adoption

A Beginner's Guide: International Adoption
by Susan Serrano

Understanding the Process of Adoption from Foster Care
by Kathy Ledesma, MSW

Embryo Adoption: Safe, Simple, Successful
by Kimberly Tyson

Domestic Adoption: What to Expect When Adopting
by Kristy Galbraith and Jeanne McGee

Current Issue

 Fostering Families TODAY
Fostering Families TODAY explores the issues that profoundly affect families and children through articles and stories reflecting professional expertise and the experienced perspective of dedicated parents.

Inside this Issue

FOCUS: How Foster Parents Work within the Foster Care System

Setting Up for Success

By John DeGarmo, Ed.D.

Creating and Maintaining a Quality School Experience for Your Child
By Sandra Kwesell

NFPA: Join Us! We're Stronger Together Than Separately
By Corrie Lynne Player

For Both Parents and Kids: Refrigerator Rules for When Things Get Tense
By Joyce Maguire Pavao, Ph.D.

Many Invisible Threads
By Lark Eshleman, Ph.D.