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Building Bridges of Hope: A Coloring Book
For Adults Caring for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma
By Sue Badeau and Chelsea Badeau
What could be more relaxing than coloring? What could be more stressful than parenting a child who has experienced trauma? What do you get when you put these two together? The new therapeutic color book, “Building Bridges of Hope,” from adoptive parent Sue Badeau and her daughter Chelsea is a useful tool for foster and adoptive families.

The Boy with a Bamboo Heart
The Story of a street orphan who built a children’s charity
By Dr. Amporn Wathanavongs with Chantal Jauvin
Orphaned at just 5 years old when his mother died, Lek turned to a life on the streets, struggling to survive, a story he shares in the new book, “The Boy with the Bamboo Heart.” While the streets were rough for someone so young, Lek did manage to survive and eventually became a boy soldier in the jungles of Cambodia after hearing that he would be provided food and pay.
Father Unknown: Our Bravest Search is for Ourselves
By David Quint
For as long as he can remember, David Quint has felt a strong disconnect from his father. The stories from the childhood of David’s father, Urban Quint, haunt David and impact many other relationships in his life. In the film, “Father Unknown,” David Quint and his father begin a journey for answers that will help all of them heal from the unknowns of the past. “They never acknowledge what happened in the past has an impact on me,” David shares in the film.

We’re Not Blood
By Jeffrey M. Togman
The desire to learn more about his beginnings launches Jeffrey Togman on a mission to find his birth parents. “We’re Not Blood” not only chronicles Togman’s search, but it also provides a glimpse of the overbearing challenges, emotional ups and downs and grueling setbacks involved in the search process. With his adoptive father deceased and little information to go on, Togman sets off on a journey.
Katie Chin’s Everyday Chinese Cookbook
101 Delicious Recipes from My Mother’s Kitchen
By Katie Chin
Photography by Masano Kawana
I love to eat Chinese food and learning to cook these epicurean delights has always been at the top of my bucket list. With the help of this newest offering from Katie Chin, I can now practice my Chinese cooking passions with expert guidance and a realistic road map to edible success.

You Follow: A Search for One’s Past
Gazillion Strong
Eager to connect with her birth country, Nisha Grayson and several of her friends set off on a journey to India, which they chronicle in the film, “You Follow.” In order to make the trip more meaningful, the friends decided the focus of their trip should be on helping Nisha locate her birth mother. When they arrive, they begin their mission.

Running from the Mirror
By Howard Shulman
A bacterial infection in his face just after birth would forever change the trajectory of Howard Shulman’s life. As doctors attempted to stop the bacteria infection, Shulman’s parents abandoned him at the hospital, unable to deal with the aftermath of the infection. That abandonment ultimately led to Shulman living in a hospital for much of his early childhood, undergoing operations and being cared for by doctors and nurses.

Transracial and Intercountry Adoptions
Cultural Guidance for Professionals
Edited by Rowena Fong and Ruth McRoy
Rowena Fong and Ruth McRoy, two leading authorities in the field of adoption, have assembled highly talented researchers and practitioners to explore the complicated issues associated with transracial and intercountry adoptions. This timely and informative book covers a range of topics from a multidisciplinary perspective.
Vietnamese Children’s Favorite stories
Retold by Tran Thi Minh Phuoc
Illustrated by Nguyen Thi Hop & Nguyen Dong
Vietnamese Children’s Favorite Stories is a charming collection of fifteen tales beloved by Vietnamese children for generations, retold here for Western children. Experienced storyteller Tran Thi Minh Phuoc vividly recounts such favorites as the story of Tam and Cam (the Vietnamese version of Cinderella).

Ricki’s Promise
Director/Producer Dr. Changfu Chang
Adopted as an almost 5-year-old from China, Ricki Mudd grew up in the United States with two sisters who were also adopted from China. Ricki’s adoptive parents, Bill and Wendy Mudd decided to add to their family after raising five biological children, adopting Ricki and two additional daughters. When the Mudd family returned to China to adopt their youngest daughter, the family visited Ricki’s foster mother, Madam Fan.
Dear Lois: Our Adoption Journey
By Karen Schlindwein and Amalie Bowling
Longing for a child after struggling through infertility, Karen Schlindwein and her husband turned to adoption. Through two different adoptions, they became the parents of Amalie and Joe. Schlindwein shares the ups and downs of the adoption journey to her children in the new book “Dear Lois.” The title honors Amalie’s birth mother, Lois, and shares the annual letters written to Lois by Amalie’s adoptive parents, Tom and Karen Schlindwein.
By Tor Seidler
The designation “firstborn” applies to several characters in Seidler’s animal adventure — the effervescent narrator, Maggie the magpie; Blue Boy, a wolf who accepts Maggie as an official pack member; and Lamar, Blue Boy’s eldest son, who wrestles with familial duties and his unorthodox love for a coyote. Lamar doesn’t understand what makes wolves and coyotes so different from each other, what makes their friendship so…taboo.

The Amazing You
By Leyla Hekmatdoost Perkins
Leyla Perkins’ debut book provides an opportunity for children to navigate and explore their feelings in a creative narrative format. After having worked in the education system for a number of years, the author has been working at a local hospital with children going through hardships and trauma and used pieces of the book to help children cope with feelings and encourage healthy self-expression.
Alvin and the Chipmunks:
The Road Chip Adoption Movie Review

Directed by Walt Becker
The Chipmunks, Alvin, Simon and Theodore are taking a break from their music career while their long-time father figure, is preparing to head to Miami in order to advance the careers of some of his other clients. Right before leaving for the trip, Dave introduces the chipmunks to Samantha, his new girlfriend — and to Miles, Samantha’s angsty, bullying teenage son.

Directed by Samantha Futerman, Ryan Miyamoto
Written by Samantha Futerman
When Actress Samantha Futerman checked her Facebook messages one day, she was unaware that her life was going to take a drastic turn. Futerman’s message was from French woman Anais Bordier living in London, who after some research learned the she and Futerman shared the same birthday and possibly much more. One of Bordier’s friends had run across a film clip of Futerman and at first thought the clip was of Bordier.

Children of the State
By Olga Arlauskas, Nikita Tikhonov-Rau and Gayanne Petrosyan
In 2012 Russia implemented a new law that banned all adoptions by Americans. Now a few years later, the film “Children of the State” attempts to look at the impact of that ban, highlighting a variety of perspectives and stories. More than 650,000 abandoned children currently live in Russia with more than 120,000 children living in orphanages. 

Heart Picked: Elizabeth’s Adoption Tale
By Sara Crutcher
Illustrated by Romney Vasquez
Written by adoptee Sara Elizabeth Neal Crutcher, “Heart Picked” explores the thoughts, feelings and emotions that adopted children often experience when growing up in transracial families. “Heart Picked,” a children’s book, shares the tale of Elizabeth who is nervous about introducing her father during family week at school because they don’t look alike.

Keeping Your Adoptive Family Strong
Strategies for Success
By Gregory C. Keck and L. Gianforte
Deciding to adopt a child shouldn’t be a quick, spur of the moment decision, according to Dr. Gregory C. Keck and L. Gianforte. In fact, adopting a child, especially one who has experienced early childhood trauma, should be done only after careful consideration and preparation.

Operation Babylift: The Lost Children of Vietnam
By Tammy Nguyen Lee
Against the Grain Productions, 2010, $25
While not a new film, “Operation Babylift: The Lost Children of Vietnam” is a great glimpse of the entire Operation Babylift experience from a variety of perspectives. Created five years ago for the Operation Babylift 35th anniversary, the film is still relevant for the 40th anniversary.
Directed by Joe Wright
Pan begins as a tearful mother leaves her infant son on the steps of an orphanage. It is a dreary night in pre-World-War Two London. As she leaves, she puts a necklace around him, which features a pan flute charm. As she leaves, she says, “I love you, my son, my Peter.” She leaves a letter with him, and walks away into the night.
In Their Voices: Black Americans on Transracial Adoption
By Rhonda M. Roorda
Following in the footsteps of the “In Their Voices” Trilogy, Rhonda Roorda’s newest book, “In Their Voices: Black Americans on Transracial Adoption,” provides a starkly different perspective from her previous work. Roorda lays out the transracial adoption discussion by interviewing a variety of black Americans from different eras about the practice of transracial adoption.
Unwanted Truths
By Tricia Haddon
Tricia Haddon’s “Unwanted Truths” is a stirring, complex novel that explores the complex feelings and situations that surround Jenny Porter and her adoption. Set in Brighton, East Sussex and London, England, Jenny seems to lead a fairly normal childhood. As a young adult she begins working for the government and discovers that she is adopted, and her world seems to unravel.
God and Jetfire
By Amy Seek
Open adoption waters are some of the most tricky to navigate, and Amy Seek does her best to describe her experience with this process in her novel “God and Jetfire.” As a 23-year-old architecture student with many other things on her plate, Seek decides to place her son Jonathan in an open adoption. She chronicles her experiences from before his birth to when he is 12.

Shaun the Sheep
Directors Mark Burton and Richard Starzak
Shaun the Sheep lives the same life every day, surrounded by his fellow flock, The Farmer, and Bitzer the dog. Shaun decides that he’d like a day off, and so he tries to distract The Farmer for a day. However, through a series of accidents, Shaun and the rest of the sheep lose the farmer. After enjoying their newly-found freedom, they start to miss him. They leave the familiar grounds of Mossybottom Farms for the Big City to try to find him – and to reclaim their normal everyday life. *Spoiler alerts ahead the rest of the way*

Hole in My Heart: A Memoir and Report from the Fault Lines of Adoption
By Lorraine Dusky
Every now and then a book comes along that stands out in its genre. Lorraine Dusky’s “Hole in my Heart” is the latest to do so in the adoption arena. As a birth mother in reunion with my son for 18 years, I’ve read many books on the topic — mostly memoirs by both mothers and adoptees, since I’ve had a specific interest in how others have dealt with the ups and downs of reunion.
The Intercountry Adoption Debate: Dialogues Across Disciplines
Edited by Robert L Ballard, Naomi H. Goodno, Robert F. Cochran and Jay A. Milbrandt
Meaningful discussion about intercountry adoption necessitates an understanding of a complex range of issues. These issues intersect at multiple levels and processes, span geographic and political boundaries, and emerge from radically different cultural beliefs and systems. The result is a myriad of benefits and costs that are both global and deeply personal in scope.

She is Mine
A War Orphan’s Incredible Journey of Survival
By Stephanie Fast
Yoon Myoung lived happily with the love of her mother for a handful of years. But when her mother put her on a train one day her life forever changed. When Yoon Myoung arrived at her destination the uncle who was supposed to meet her never showed up. Yoon Myoung became one of the many homeless Korean street children struggling for survival daily. Yoon Myoung story is the true story of Stephanie Fast.
My Yellow Balloon
By Tiffany Papageorge, Illustrated by Erwin Madrid
“My Yellow Balloon” is a tale of love, loss and letting go that serves as a comforting guide for children who are navigating the complicated emotions of grief and loss. Losing something or someone dear to us causes difficult emotions — sorrow, fear, anxiety and loneliness, to name a few — and these emotions are even more challenging to navigate when it’s a child who has experienced the loss.

Pain Redeemed
By Natasha Metzler
As a young, unattached woman, I could scarcely see how Pain Redeemed by Natasha Metzler applied to me. After all, a book about infertility wasn’t something you’d recommend to a girl who hadn’t ever even tried to get pregnant. I felt this way up until I read the opening lines; “My story starts in a doctor’s office when I was 19 years old. When the words strong chance of never bearing a child were first applied to me.”
By Mary Anna King
Based on her own experiences, author and adoptee Mary Anna King uses this book to describe the life she had before and after her grandparents adopted her and two other siblings.The story begins in Camden, New Jersey, where King’s parents are living in poverty with three children. After a tragic incident leaves the family broken, her father leaves the family.

Still Standing: A Survivor’s Story
By Hope Concordia
In this compelling autobiography, Hope Concordia sends the reader on a journey through her life of survival. Concordia endured acts of violent abuse in her early childhood from her father, which ended only briefly when she fled to the street. Homeless and alone, Hope searched for a way to fit in. She began dating a man who was just as abusive as her father. It seemed she could not get away.

The Girl Behind the Door: A Father’s Journey into the Mystery of Attachment
By John Brooks
John and Erika Brooks just wanted to be parents. After years of infertility treatments, the couple turned to adoptions from Poland, where Erika’s family had emigrated from.  John chronicles the couple’s journey to adopt their daughter Casey and the ensuing years of her life. In 1991, the couple boarded a plane to meet their new daughter for the first time.
Healing Trauma Through Loving Relationships:
Hope For Foster and Adoptive Families
By Nancy Fisher with Megan Kruse
During the last 30 years, research on the effects of early childhood trauma on the brain has begun to demonstrate more and more clearly that an informed care approach is what works best for children who have experienced trauma. This book is an attempt to explain the research and put into practical terms, the stories of the children who have lived in the Fisher home and been part of their family.
20 Life-Transforming Choices Adoptees Need to Make
by Sherrie Eldridge
As an adoptee, it is common to experience feelings of grief, anger and loss.Sherrie Eldridge is in adoptee and adoption expert. In the book, “20 Life-Transforming Choices Adoptees Need to Make,” she draws on her personal experiences as well as interviews with more than 70 adoptees and reveals 20 life-transforming choices which people have the power to make.
Dreams of My Mothers:
A Story of Love Transcendent
By Joel L.A. Peterson
From an impoverished life as a third world prostitute’s illegitimate son to a global executive career, author Joel L.A. Peterson shares how the dreams of his mothers led to his own multicultural, multiracial American dream.

Not Exactly As Planned
A Memoir of Adoption, Secrets and Abiding Love
By Linda Rosenbaum
When growing up most people have an idealized picture of what marriage and raising children will be like. For Linda Rosenbaum, a Jewish, Detroit native, life  was pretty much everything she expected until one fateful day just weeks away from college graduation when one horrific event changed everything. That event forever changed Rosenbaum’s life and her expectation moving forward.
Chicken Soup for the Soul
The Joy of Adoption 101 Stories about Forever Families and Meant-to-Be-Kids
By Amy & LeAnn Thieman
Imagine sitting back in your favorite overstuffed chair as one-by-one, 101 adoption storytellers take their turn to sit with you and share their wondrous experiences of adoption. The next closest experience to this would be to keep the comfy chair setting and crack open the pages of “The Joy of Adoption,” the updated collection of stories about adoption.
The Life We Were Given
Operation Babylift, International Adoption,
and the Children of War in Vietnam
By Dana Sachs
In April 1975, just before the fall of Saigon, the United States government launched “Operation Babylift;” a highly publicized plan to evacuate nearly 3,000 displaced Vietnamese children and place them with adoptive families overseas. Chaotic from start to finish, the mission gripped the world.

Directed by Stephen Bradley
May 2015, 140 minutes
Growing up on the streets of Ireland, Christina Noble’s early childhood was marked by poverty, domestic violence and loss. She shares her tragic, but life-inspiring story in the new film “Noble.” After her mother died, Noble entered a Catholic orphanage. Less than ideal, Noble struggled to maintain contact with her siblings and find joy while living in the orphanage.
Vietnamese Children’s Favorite Stories
Retold by Tran Thi Minh Phuoc
Illustrated by Nguyen Thi Hop & Nguyen Dong
Beginning with the book cover and the magical illustration invitation it presents, “Vietnamese Children’s Favorite Stories” is a charming collection of 15 tales beloved by Vietnamese children for generations, retold here for Western children.
Dear Wonderful You, Letters
to Adopted & Fostered Youth

Edited by: Diane Rene Christian and Mei-Mei Akwai Ellerman, PHD
“Dear Wonderful You, Letters to Adopted & Fostered Youth” is a powerful book filled with heartening and inspiring letters. This moving anthology was written by a global community of adult adoptees and adults who were fostered. Each and every letter was thoughtfully penned to the upcoming generation of adopted and foster youth.
Searching for the Castle: Backtrail of an Adoption
By Barbara Leigh Ohrstrom
iUniverse, 2013, ISBN: 978-1-4917-1306-8, 158 pages, $15.95
Barbara Ohrstrom’s childhood haunted her. Adopted at age 5, Ohrstrom joined a new family along with her twin brother and older sister. However, it’s what happened before that time that haunted Ohrstrom. Adoption was not discussed in her adoptive family and suffering abuse in that family, Ohrstrom found herself wondering what came before. “Searching for the Castle,” chronicles Ohrstrom’s journey to discover her history.
You Can Adopt Without Debt
Creative ways to Cover the Cost of Adoption
By Julie Gumm
The cost of adopting a child can be expensive, on average, ranging between $20,00 to $50,000, but there are creative ways for prospective parents to raise funds that will help them cover the costs without creating an unnecessary financial burden. “In You Can Adopt Without Debt,” adoptive parent and author Julie Gumm offers trusted advice and practical insight on how to pay for a child adoption.
More Love (Less Panic)
7 Lessons I Learned About Life, Love, and Parenting After We Adopted Our Son From Ethiopia
By Claude Knobler
Tarcher/Penguin Random House, 2015, ISBN: 978-0-39916-878-9, 252 pages, $25.95 hardcover
Drawn to adoption after reading an article about AIDs orphans in Ethiopia, Claude and Mary Knobler, opened their home to 5-year-old Nati from Ethiopia. Joining the couple’s two older birth children, Nati brought with him many lessons for the new adoptive family.

Black or White Director Mike Binder
Rated PG-13, 2015, 120 minutes
Though “Black or White” earns its adoption stripes through simple kinship adoption (Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer vie for custody of the granddaughter they share, Eloise, played by the luminous Jillian Estell), the bigger message for adoptive families is the devastating split a person can experience when divided in two by color, race, biology and/or biography. And how not dealing with tough emotions such as anger and grief rarely means they resolve on their own.

Directed by Will Gluck
In perhaps the most anticipated and widely-promoted adoption-relevant movie of the year, Sony Pictures revisits the story of Annie. Played by Quvenzhané Wallis, Annie lives in New York City. She has been in foster care for almost her whole life; she was found, abandoned with a note, outside of a restaurant when she was only 4 years old. Currently, Annie lives with Miss Hannigan, a bitter woman who takes care of foster kids for income. Annie shares a room with several other girls, and Miss Hannigan requires them to do much of the upkeep of her home.

Mei-Mei’s Lucky Birthday Noodles
A Loving Story of Adoption, Chinese Culture and A Special Birthday Treat
By Shan-Shan Chen Illustrated by Heidi Goodman
Mei-Mei is Chinese, but not her mom and dad. When she was a baby, her parents flew all the way to the other side of the world to adopt her and bring her home. But, lucky for Mei-Mei, her parents want her to know all about her roots in China’s culture. That’s why, on her birthday, her mom always makes her traditional Chinese treat — long noodles, symbolizing a long and happy life. And this year, Mei-Mei is big enough to help her mom make them!

12 Days in Africa: A Mother’s Journey
By Lisa Sanders
After her oldest son went to college, Lisa Sanders struggled to find “what comes next.” Looking for a little adventure, she booked a mission trip with Hope4Kids International with her youngest son, Blake. The two traveled to Uganda to work in villages where Hope4Kids International has a presence and went on to share her journey in “12 Days in Africa.” From administering first aid treatment to working with children, the two discovered a whole new world in Uganda heavily impacted by poverty, hunger, neglect and abuse. They also discovered the kindness and appreciation offered to those trying to make a difference.

All About China: Stories, Songs,
Crafts and More for Kids

By Allison “Aixin” Branscombe
The title suggests that this book is intended for a child audience, but from my adult perspective, it fit my curiosity and intellect level just fine! All About China is a captivating, comprehensive, one-of-a-kind introduction to the country of China, integrating page after page of colorful illustrations with folk stories, amazing facts, cultural insights, engaging activities and much more. Readers will embark on an eye-popping journey, learning about the daily lives of Chinese children...

Fish Heads & Folktales: Reflections on Culture, Family, and Life from a Korean Adoptee
By Peter M. Moran (Kim Jai Chul)
Adopted from Korea as an infant, Kim Jai Chul remembers nothing of his homeland. Known as Peter Moran post-adoption, he shares the story of his life journey in “Fish Heads and Folktales.” Adopted into an American family, Moran joined older sister Molly and later the family grew to include several other children adopted internationally. Moran chronicles his journey from boyhood to college and some of the various experiences he had along the way.

Adopting Older Children: A Practical Guide to Adopting and Parenting Children Over Age Four
By Stephanie Bosco-Ruggiero, MA, Gloria Russo-Wassell, MS,LMHC, and Victor Groza, Ph.D
“Adopting Older Children” highlights the most significant challenges facing older child adoption including mental health, behavioral and educational issues, vital information about developmental problems that may arise and hardships in relation to adoptees emerging sense of self, including sexual orientation, cultural identity and other special needs that an older adoptee may have.

In White America
By Paul Barlin
“In White America” follows the Paul Barlin family’s journey through 1956, when they became the first white family in California to adopt an interracial baby. While in today’s legal climate adopting a child across racial differences may seem like business as usual, in 1955, adoption law
in California strictly enforced same race adoption statutes.
Forever Mom: What to Expect When You’re Adopting
By Mary Ostyn
A mix between a memoir and an advice book, “Forever Mom” is a great addition to any adoption library. Mary Ostyn shares the tale of adding to her family through adoption from the calling through the tough years. When the family set out to adopt, they were hoping for the happily-ever-after story, but after experiencing the reality of adopting children from institutionalized care and tough beginnings, the family begins to face challenges. Ostyn shares the ups and down in the journey of adopting six children and parenting 10 (the couple has four biological children as well).

The Identical
Director Dustin Marcellino with Writer Howard Klausner
The Identical is the story of identical twins, secretly separated at birth. In 1935 Alabama, an out-of-work man and his wife become parents to twin boys. They are unsure how they can afford to parent both of them. That night, the father attends a church service where the preacher requests prayer for himself and his wife — for they have been unable to conceive. Believing God has provided an answer for both situations, the father suggests to the mother that they should give one of the boys to the preacher and his wife. Although the mother protests, she quickly agrees, and the next day, the preacher and his wife secretly take one of the boys to raise as their own.

Twin Sisters
Producer/Director Mona Friis Bertheussen
Two families fulfill their dream of adopting from China, but it is a chance encounter while in China that forever changed the lives of two families. Ironically, both girls were wearing identical dresses while their adoptive families completed paperwork. After looking at the girls more closely, the families realized the toddler girls were not only similar in the clothes they were wearing, but also in their physical features. That chance meeting ultimately led to the girls eventually undergoing genetic testing to discover that they were identical twins.

Attaching Through Love, Hugs and Play
Simple Strategies to help Build Connections with Your Child
By Deborah D. Gray
Capturing the warmth and fun of forming close relationships with children, this book offers simple advice to parents of children who find it difficult to attach and bond — whether following adoption, divorce or other difficult experiences. Attachment therapist Deborah D. Gray describes how to use the latest thinking on attachment in your daily parenting. She reveals sensory techniques which have been proven to help children bond and explains why routines like mealtimes and playtime are so important to helping children to attach.

From Half to Whole
A Journey to Overcome the Battle Scars of Adoption and Living to Tell About It
By Regina Radomski with Barbara Jean Keane, MSW, LCSW
From “Half to Whole” is a raw and honest look at the trials and tribulations of one family’s struggle to adopt and raise two young boys from Poland who came to America not only with a few stuffed toys in their backpacks, but also the trauma of their past.

The Promise I Kept
By Adele Rickerby
Struggles with endometrosis kept Adele Rickerby from becoming pregnant a second time, but nothing would stop her from bringing another child into her family. In “The Promise I Kept” Rickerby details the process she went through to adopt a daughter from Romania in 1991. A memoir, Rickerby begins by sharing her own from childhood in New Zealand to new bride in Australia. But it was after giving birth to her daughter, Melannie that Rickerby started on the biggest adventure of her life. From her desire to have another child, Rickerby began a journey to Romania alone to adopt a little girl to join her family.

The Interracial Adoption Option:
Creating A Family Across Race
By Marlene G. Fine and Fern L. Johnson
“The Interracial Adoption Option” is a personal guide to interracial adoption which draws on the lives and experiences of the authors, a white American couple, who adopt two African-American children. Starting from their decision to adopt their first child interracially, it describes the situations and decisions that followed as a result of their children’s racial background.

ABC, Adoption & ME
By Gayle H. Swift with Casey A. Swift
Illustrated by Paul Griffin
“ABC, Adoption & Me” is a first-step, multi-cultural picture book for adoptive families. This book follows the alphabet and celebrates the uniqueness of family and the sensitive issues of adoption. The descriptions attached to each letter in the alphabet are cleverly written and distinctively unique to the topic of adoption. Written in positive, adoption sensitive language...

Adoption Medicine
Caring for Children and Families
By American Academy of Pediatrics Council on Foster Care, Adoption, and Kinship Care
Edited by Patrick W. Mason, MD, PhD, FAAP, Dana E. Johnson, MD, PhD, FAAP  and Lisa Albers Prock, MD, MPH, FAAP
“Adoption Medicine: Caring for Children and Families” brings together contributions from leading child health and welfare professionals nationwide. These preeminent practitioners share their unparalleled insight, know-how, and success strategies spanning the adoption journey.

How to Train Your Dragon 2
Hiccup is a young Viking enjoying his life. He is the son of Stoick the Vast, the chief of the village of Berk. Hiccup is preparing to marry Astrid, a beautiful young woman and an accomplished dragon rider. Hiccup is also enjoying exploring the world on the back of his dragon, Toothless. Together they are discovering new lands, and learning how to help each other fly. On one journey, Hiccup, Astrid and their dragons are capture by Eret son of Eret, a dragon trapper who is working for the villainous Drago Bludvist.

A Gift for Little Tree
A Parable About Apples, Adoption and Love
By Colleen D.C. Marquez
“A Gift for Little Tree,” the story of a fruitless apple tree, an abundant apple orchard, one wise farmer, and the gift of family. A parable about infertility and adoption, this heartwarming story tells of an apple tree who is unable to bear fruit — no matter how hard she tries — until a wise farmer finds a way to help her.

Kids’ Rights
Filmmakers Michael Dudko and Olga Rudnieva
Filmmakers and couple Michael Dudko and Olga Rudnieva explore the idea of parenthood and specifically, adopting. After Sir Elton John and his partner are denied adopting from Ukraine, Dudko and Rudnieva evaluate their own desire to adopt and investigate the idea of “who is good enough to be a parent” and who makes those decisions.

Directed by Amma Asante
In 1769 England, Lord Mansfield, the Lord Chief Justice and highest judge in all of England must rule on a case which threatens to disrupt the nation’s vast slave-based economy. Bound by the codes of the aristocracy, Lord Mansfield is also raising two of his nieces, Elizabeth and Dido. Dido’s inclusion in his household has caused a scandal because Dido is the mixed-race daughter of Mansfield’s nephew and a slave. All of England waits as Mansfield prepares to rule on what is legal and on what is right.

Jack & Emma’s Adoptee Journey
By Pam Kroskie,   Illustrated by Ashleigh McGill
How do you fit a million unique personal stories into a 20-page book? Just ask first-time author Pam Kroskie about “Jack & Emma’s Adoptee Journey” and her secret to helping adoptees of all ages tell their adoption stories.

Romania’s Abandoned Children: Deprivation, Brain Development, and the Struggle for Recovery
By Charles A. Nelson, Nathan A. Fox & Charles H. Zeanah
The implications of early experience for children’s brain development, behavior, and psychological functioning have long absorbed caregivers, researchers and clinicians. The 1989 fall of Romania’s Ceausecu regime left approximately 170,000 children in 700 overcrowded, impoverished institutions across Romania, and prompted the most comprehensive study to date on the effects of institutionalization on children’s well-being.

Rescuing Julia Twice
A Mother’s Tale of Russian Adoption and Overcoming Reactive Attachment Disorder
By Tina Traster Foreward by Melissa Fay Greene
After struggling through infertility treatments, Tina Traster and her husband Ricky turn to intercountry adoption. And adopting from Russia seemed like the perfect answer. In “Rescuing Julia Twice,” Traster chronicles the journey to Siberia to meet their daughter for the first time. Braving the cold Siberian winter, the couple meets 7-month-old Julia. New to parenting, the couple has little experience with children and none with parenting.

Wish You Happy Forever
What China’s Orphans Taught Me About Moving Mountains
By Jenny Bowen, Founder of Half The Sky Foundation
In the summer of 1998, Jenny Bowen looked out her kitchen window into her garden, and her life changed forever. Her 3-year-old daughter Maya, whom she and her husband had adopted months earlier from an orphanage in China, had transformed from a vacant-eyed, sickly little girl into a joyous toddler thriving in an environment where she knew she was loved. Watching her daughter play, Bowen was overcome with the desire to help the orphaned children she couldn’t bring home.

Inside Transracial Adoption
Strength-based, Culture-sensitizing Parenting Strategies for Inter-country or Domestic Adoptive Families That Don’t “Match” Second Edition
By Beth Hall and Gail Steinberg
Eureka! I have found the answers to questions I would have asked about transracial adoption if only I had known what to ask! Methodically organized and with a sprinkling of humor in appropriate places, authors Beth Hall and Gail Steinberg pack 60-plus years of combined personal experience into this updated second edition.

A Challenged Life: Raising a Child with Special Needs
By Danielle Zimmerman
One of the most common prayers of pregnant women is for a healthy newborn. The prayers continued until a new bundle of joy is placed in the new mother’s arms. But what happens when your newborn isn’t healthy? What happens when you’re immediately faced with hurdles trying to find help for your sick child? Nothing prepared Danielle Zimmerman for the turn her life would take when Abigail was born, which chronicles their journey in “A Challenged Life: Raising a Child with Special Needs.”

The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption
Helping Your Child Grow up Whole
By Lori Holden with Crystal Hass
Lori Holden opens the idea of open adoption to readers in the new book, “The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption.” An adoptive parent who has two open adoptions with her children’s birth parents, Holden takes readers into the intricacies and delicacies of open adoption. Written with the help of her daughter’s birth mother, Crystal Hass, Holden shares stories from all sides of the open adoption experience.

March into My Heart
A Memoir of Mothers, Daughters and Adoption
After her mother died of cancer, Patty Lazarus always felt like something was missing. The mother of two young boys, she longed to share a mother-daughter type relationship with someone again. While she appeared to have it all as a stay-at-home mom, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she needed something more. After some discussion, she and her husband decided to try to add a girl to their family through reproductive technologies.

The Imprint of Another Life: Adoption Narratives and Human Possibility
By Margaret Homans
“The Imprint of Another Life: Adoption Narratives and Human Possibility” addresses a series of questions about common beliefs about adoption. Underlying these beliefs is the assumption that human qualities are innate and intrinsic, and assumption often held by adoptees and their families, sometimes at great emotional cost.

Welcoming a New Brother or Sister Through Adoption
By Arleta James
Adoption is a big step which can change the whole dynamics of the family. It is crucial that parents understand the impact it has when such new sibling relationships are forged as the adoptee becomes a part of the family. “Welcoming a New Brother or Sister Through Adoption” is a comprehensive, yet accessible guide that describes the whole range of the adoption process and the effects of adoption on every member of the family, including the adopted child.

Global Families: A History of Asian International Adoption in America
By Catherine Ceniza Choy
In the last 50 years, transnational adoption — specifically, the adoption of Asian children — has exploded in popularity as an alternative path to family formation. Despite the cultural acceptance of this practice, surprisingly little attention has been paid to the factors that allowed Asian international adoption to flourish. In Global Families, Catherine Ceniza Choy unearths the little-known historical origins of Asian international adoption in the United States.

Voices of the Forgotten: Thirty Years of the International Foster Care Organization: IFCO
By Emily Jean McFadden and Myrna McNitt
There are no shortages of local foster parent organizations. That’s a good thing. But what’s even better is the International Foster Care Organization, or IFCO. This may come as a surprise to many people, but IFCO has been around for 30 plus years. To celebrate IFCO’s long history and advocacy, Emily Jean McFadden and Myrna McNitt edited a collective history with stories from those who have been involved in IFCO throughout the years.

Native Womb: Going Back To The Beginning
By Michael Williams
“Native Womb” is a non-fiction, faith-based memoir account of a miracle family reunion. This African American family was reunited after being abruptly separated from each other since 1979 by a decision of New York City’s Child Welfare System. The highlight of this amazing story focuses on the chance that a young Black man could successfully locate his biological mother after an 18 year separation.

The Interracial Adoption Option:
Creating A Family Across Race

By Marlene G. Fine and Fern L. Johnson
“The Interracial Adoption Option” is a personal guide to interracial adoption which draws on the experiences of the authors, a white American couple, who adopt two African American children. Starting from their decision to adopt their first child interracially, it describes the situations and decisions that followed as a result of their children’s background.

Regulation is Relationship Dependent: Taking It Home
A Survival Tool Kit for Parents
By M. Sue Grantham, M.Ed., LPC,
and Juli Alvarado, MA, LPC, NCC

Parenting children who have come through the foster care system or have early life trauma can be challenging. But now there’s a super handy, easy-to-use guide for families in the pamphlet, “Regulation is Relationship Dependent: Taking it Home.” Created by the team at Coaching for Life, the pamphlet provides some basic information that can transform your life.

Girl, Adopted
Produced by Melanie Judd and Susan Motamed
Thirteen-year-old Weynsht lives in an Ethiopian orphanage after her parents die. She dreams of the day she will be adopted and move to the American dreamland. When her parents Chris and Melanie Ward arrive from Arkansas to adopt her, she believes her wish has come true. “Girl, Adopted” follows the journey of Weynsht from her Addis Ababa orphanage to her life in America.

Anna Mei, Cartoon Girl
By Carol A. Grund
Anyone who remembers sixth grade knows it’s not a time when kids celebrate uniqueness. In fact, “fitting in” is often number one on their to-do list. Unfortunately for Anna Mei Anderson, the main character in this novel for middle-grade readers, that goal is especially challenging. Anna Mei has had to leave her friends behind to start all over again in a new town.

Devotions of Comfort and Hope
for Adoptive and Foster Moms

By Carol Lozier, LCSW with Lisa Edmunds
Where do you turn to in your darkest hour or in your greatest moment of Joy? Who gives you strength when you’re just starting the adoption process or struggling with your child’s difficult behaviors? For many, the answer would be to God or the bible. The new book, “Devotions of Comfort and Hope for Adoptive and Foster Moms” is the perfect answer for families struggling for help or needing affirmation of the path they’re traveling and the work they’re doing.

Are We There Yet? The Ultimate Road
Trip Adopting and Raising 22 Kids

By Hector and Sue Badeau
When Sue and Hector Badeau started their life together they had a dream of family, and while adoption was included in their dreams, nobody could have predicted that the couple would adopt 20 children. In addition to their adopted children, the Badeaus have two biological children and have grown a unique family, to say the least.

Why Can't My Child Behave?
By Dr. Amber Elliott
“Why Can’t My Child Behave?” provides friendly expert advice on how to respond to difficult behaviours and emotions for parents of children with developmental trauma. Each chapter focuses on the common difficulties faced by carers or parents and features quick, applicable ideas with exercises and illustrations. How do you react to a child’s difficult behavior? How do you deal with your own negative emotions? How do you know when to be empathic?

The Essential Guide to Bullying Prevention and Intervention: Protecting Children and Teens from Physical, Emotional, and Online Bullying
By Cindy Miller, LCSW and Cynthia Lowen
All too often, headlines expose the tragic consequences of child or teen bullying. As a parent, teacher, mental health professional or youth leader, you might feel helpless against bullying, but you do have the power to stop it. This valuable guide equips you with the knowledge you need to recognize different types of bullying, from teasing to more severe behaviors to digital abuse and cyber bullying.

Welcoming a New Brother or Sister Through Adoption
By Arleta James
Adoption is a big step which can change the whole dynamics of the family. It is crucial that parents understand the impact it has when new sibling relationships are forged as the adoptee becomes part of a family. “Welcoming a New Brother or Sister Through Adoption” is a comprehensive, yet accessible guide that describes the whole range of the adoption process and the effects of adoption on every member of the family, including the adopted child.

Murphy Lives Here
By Dr. Merryl J. Polak
With more than 7.3 million people in the United States who have been affected by infertility, the challenges couples face is fairly common. However, the struggles couples experience to go through to get pregnant are not often discussed. Dr. Merryl J. Polak gives voice to many of the ups and downs and challenges couples face in the new book, “Murphy Lives Here.” Having experienced her own challenges with infertility, Polak gives those struggles voice through Emma and William.

Carried in Our Hearts: The Gift of Adoption
By Dr. Jane Aronson
The “golden age” of international adoption is over, concluded Dr. Aronson on page 301 of her book. Although statistically speaking she is correct (after its peak in 2004, the flow of international adoptees to the United States is steadily diminishing), the audience for the book is vast. For many thousands of individuals, couples and families, adoption from overseas orphanages still remains a dream, a goal, and a course of action.

My Name is Faith
Produced by Tiffany Sudela-Junker, Jason Banker and Jorge Torres-Torres
with Executive Producer Jonathan Dana

Little Faith’s journey has been challenging. Born to drug and alcohol addicted parents, she was not only responsible for herself, but also for her younger brother.

Love No Matter What: When Your Kids
Make Decisions You Don't Agree With

By Brenda Garrison
Kids will make decisions their parents don’t agree with. Preventing that is impossible so responding to it in a productive way is crucial. In “Love No Matter What,” Brenda Garrison and her daughter Katie share what worked and did not work as Katie made poor decision after poor decision through her teen years.

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In Their Own Voices
Adoption Parenting
Beyond Good Intentions
Twenty Life Choices Adoptees Need to Make
Inside Transracial Adoption
Adoption Nation
The Post-Adoption Blues
Until We All Come Home: A Harrowing Journey, A Mother’s Courage, A Race to Freedom
By Kim de Blecourt with Ginger Kolbaba
Many parents, when choosing to adopt, decide to go with international adoption. Even though many families experience safe, trouble free intercountry adoptions, this process can be very time consuming and challenging. But when Kim de Blecourt and her husband decided to adopt a child from Ukraine, nothing could have prepared them...

But the Greatest of These is Love
By Debbie Barrow Michael
Debbie Barrow Michael was comfortable with her life with her husband and three kids, but there was something that she couldn’t shake. There was something pulling her to answer a call and open her heart and home to another child. “But the Greatest of These is Love” is Michael’s story of how that call forever changed her life. Michael chronicles her journey from her time as an average stay-at-home mom to her transition back into the workforce.

Chasing China: A Daughter’s Quest for Truth
By Kay Bratt
Traveling to China, Mia wanted answers. Adopted as a toddler from China and raised in the United States, Mia was thankful for her adoptive family, but she wanted to know more about her early childhood. Mia visits her orphanage in the hopes of reconnecting with someone in her past, but is left with more questions than answers.

Swings Hanging From Every Tree
Daily Inspirations for Foster and Adoptive Parents
Compiled and Edited by Ramona Cunningham
As the saying applies to this publication, ‘The old is forever new’ and so it is with Swings Hanging From Every Tree. First published in 2001 by Wood ‘n Barnes, this second edition received a dramatic facelift...

Daughter of a Thousand Pieces of Gold
By Peg Helminski
In China the birth of a boy is considered lucky as couples will have a son to take care of them in old age. Since 1978, China’s one-child policy has been credited with an increase in forced abortions, female infanticide and the abandonment of infant girls and children with special needs.

The Bridge
By Kay Bratt
Award-winning writer Kay Bratt shares another inspirational tale connected to China adoption in the short story, “The Bridge.” The story follows the journey of one old woman who has the unfortunate (or fortunate) experience of living next to “the lucky bridge” in Suzhou, China.
As such a neighbor to the bridge, the old woman, Lao Jing, has found countess abandoned children at the bridge who have been left by biological parents hoping their children...

Finding Family:
My Search for Roots and the Secrets of My DNA
By Richard Hill
After discovering at age 18 that he was adopted as an infant, Richard Hill launches into a lifelong journey of discovery that he chronicles in “Finding Family: My Search for Roots and the Secrets of My DNA.” As his search begins, he discovers the difficulties adoptees often face when trying to locate birth parents...

God, Are You Nice or Mean?
By Debra Delulio Jones, M.Ed.
Like many adoptive parents, Debra Delulio Jones and her husband decided to adopt after feeling a strong tug at their hearts. Described as being called by God to adopt, the family found their son in a Romanian orphanage. As if adopting from a third-world country wasn’t a big enough leap of faith, the next several years of the Jones’ journey would shake their faith at every turn.

I Am That Child: Changing Hearts & Changing the World
By Elizabeth Geitz
As the AIDS epidemic sweeps through Africa, millions of children are left without parents, living in poverty. The need is great for these children, but few step forward to assist them. However, one woman in Carmeroon is working to make a difference for a small number of children living at the Good Shepherd Home. Elizabeth Geitz shares the story of Sister Jane Mankaa.

The Goodbye Baby: A Diary About Adoption
By Elaine Pinkerton
Elaine Pinkerton is one of more than 5 million adoptees living in the United States — a painful fact that haunted Pinkerton for much of her adult life until unforeseen catalysts opened the door to her emotional past and changed her outlook for the better. Pinkerton embraces her past and shares candid, personal stories in her new memoir, “The Goodbye Baby: A Diary About Adoption.”

Maya and the Turtle: A Korean Fairy Tale
By Soma Han and John C. Strickler
Poverty is all Maya has ever known, but she doesn’t allow it to stop her from caring for her father, and others, as best she can. Kind and gentle, she is a lovely young girl who always puts others first. Maya lives with her father, who is a poet and scholar.
Maya’s mother had died when she was a young girl, but Maya remembers that her mother once told her that she had a dream...

No Stone Unturned: A Father’s Memoir of His Son’s Encounter with Traumatic Brain Injury
By Joel Goldstein
When Joel Goldstein and his wife Dayle welcomed a robust 5-month-old Korean boy into their lives, they enjoyed their healthy young son. But 16 years later, the Goldsteins would endure an incredible journey when their son Bart suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury in a car accident.

Daughters for a Time
By Jennifer Handford
Struggling with infertility, Helen is reluctant to explore the option of adoption. Jennifer Handford’s new book, “Daughters for a Time” explores the vulnerability and frustrations couples often face as they struggle with infertility. As Helen begins to open her heart to adoption, she finally discovers the possibility of becoming a mother through the adoption on a Chinese daughter.

360 Square: A Memoir of Adoption and Identity
By Carol Lillieqvist Welsh
Adoption is a complicated issue – everyone involved has different perspectives, gains and losses. Few people have experienced all sides of adoption, but Carol Lillieqvist Welsh has the unique experience of being an adoptee, birth mother and adoptive mother. In “360 Square,” Welsh shares the extremely unique perspective...

Parenting as Adoptees
Edited by Adam Chau and Kevin Ost-Vollmers
Cover art by Kelly J. Brownlee
Becoming a parent is life-changing, but for adoptees, becoming a parent can be one of the most profound moments of their lives. For many of them, it is the first time they meet someone who is connected to them by blood and the impact of that on their identity is immense.

The 12 Gifts of Life: Finding Extraordinary Meaning in Ordinary Moments
By Cindy Champnella, Ph.D.
For most people, the day we meet our children for the first time forever changes our lives. It changes the way we love, the way we look at life and so many other things. It’s one of the most powerful experiences anyone will ever have in their life.

Nuzzle: Love Between a Boy and His Service Dog
By Donnie Kanter Winokur
“Nuzzle: love between a boy and his service dog” is a book that can be read on many levels and by many ages. What looks like a children’s book is actually a profound story about the need to be loved, the need to be accepted, and the need to have a place in the world. It is a book about the strong connections that animals and humans have...

Hope for Healing: A Parent’s Guide
ATTACh’s “Hope for Healing” is written to serve as a comprehensive guide for parents and caregivers of children who struggle with issues of attachment, trauma, and the additional challenges that can accompany a child who has had a rough start in life. As a parent, I appreciate that at its heart this guide seems to be focused on fostering healing.

White Parents, Black Children
Experiencing Transracial Adoption

By Darron T. Smith, Cardell K. Jacobson, and Brenda G. Juarez
“White Parents, Black Children Experiencing Transracial Adoption” deals centrally with the contemporary societal reality of white parents adopting African American children. The authors draw on statistical data from surveys and on in-depth interviews with white adoptive parents and adopted African American children.

My First Book of Korean Words:
By Henry J. Amen IV, and Kyubyong Park, Illustrated by Aya Padron
Ji-min, an adorable Korean girl, is the star of “My First Book of Korean Words.”

Home is a Roof Over a Pig
By Aminta Arrington
Three years after adopting a Chinese-born orphan, Aminta Arrington and her husband uprooted their three young children from a Georgia suburb, embarking on a transformative quest to their daughter’s homeland. Home is a Roof Over a Pig chronicles this American family’s relocation and integration into small town China.

A Twist of Faith: An American
Christian’s Quest to Help Orphans in Africa

By John Donnelly

By the age of 32, David Nixon watched as his life spiraled out of control. He had lost his house and was living in his van with a Doberman and a wolf … he was a jobless, absent father who had just ended a 30-day crack binge; he had nothing, writes author John Donnelly.

Supporting Development
in Internationally Adopted Children

By Deborah A. Hwa-Froelich, Ph.D, CCC-SLP

Thousands of children are adopted from outside the United States each year — and professionals and parents must be ready to meet their needs. “Supporting Development in Internationally Adopted Children” is the evidence-based resource professionals need.

Creating Loving Attachments
By Kim S. Golding and Daniel A. Hughes
Attaching in life is a critical aspect of survival for all human beings. Without attachment to mothers or fathers, infants would perish. For children who come from families that have struggled with attachment due to abuse, neglect, drug use and poor parenting, the outcomes can be negative.

Unleashing the Power of Parental Love:
4 Steps to Raising Joyful and Self-Confident Kids

by Gary M. Unruh, MSW LCSW
“Unleashing The Power of Parental Love” provides professional advice that will help you succeed in the world’s most difficult and rewarding endeavor — raising a self-confident kid; a kid that will establish good friends and will be successful in school.

Happy Kids: The secret to raising well-behaved, contented children
By Cathy Glass
“Happy Kids” shares time-tested methods and techniques from Kathy Glass, a foster parent who has cared for more than 50 children in more than two decades. In this clear and practical guide, Glass introduces you to the 3Rs technique which shows parents how to — Request, Repeat, and Reassure...

Before You Were Mine: Discovering
Your Adopted Child’s Lifestory
By Susan TeBos and Carissa Woodwyk
Written by an adoptive mother and an adoptee daughter, "Before You Were Mine" offers a unique Christian perspective on creating a Lifebook that commemorates your child’s birth story.

Blue Nights
By Joan Didion

What made me buy "Blue Nights" during its first days in the bookstores was a magazine interview in which Didion said of her deceased daughter, "The entire adoption thing was a much bigger issue for her than I ever imagined it to be."

Finding Fernanda: Two mothers, one child,
and a cross-border search for truth
By Erin Siegal
Stumbling across the world of intercountry adoption by accident while visiting Guatemala on vacation, Erin Siegal returned home eager to research the Guatemalan adoption process. More than three years of her research is presented in "Finding Fernanda."

Nine Year Pregnancy
By Delana Stewart

"Nine Year Pregnancy" by Delana Stewart is a personal and inspiring true story of the trials and triumphs of adopting a child. Stewart takes you on her family’s journey, starting with a mysterious dream that plants a longing in her heart for a daughter.


Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child:
From Your First Hours Together Through the Teen Years
By Patty Cogen
Whether you are seeking to adopt internationally or already have, "Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child" is a book you will need. Even if you have had your child for 10 years, you will find it helpful. It is a great resource from your first hours together, through the teen years.

The Grace Effect: How the Power of One Life
Can Reverse the Corruption of Unbelief
By Larry Taunton
A long-time defender of the Christian faith, Larry Taunton discovered his greatest connection to God and his strongest argument against atheists during the adoption of one amazing little Ukrainian girl. The parents of three teenage sons, Taunton and his wife, embark on a journey to adopt 10-year-old Sasha from a Ukrainian orphanage.

Silent Tears: A Journey of Hope in a Chinese Orphanage
By Kay Bratt

When her family relocated to rural China in 2003, Kay Bratt was thrust into a new world, one where boys were considered more valuable than girls, and where poverty in concert with the one-child policy had created an epidemic of abandoned infants.

Crossing the Blue Willow Bridge: A Journey
to My Daughter’s Birthplace in China
By Nancy Baker
With the curious title of "Crossing the Blue Willow Bridge" under the pen of Nancy McCabe, I expected to be in for a real treat and again, I wasn’t disappointed. From the adoption community perspective, McCabe is one of us!

Orphanology: Awakening to Gospel-Centered Adoption and Foster Care
By Tony Merida and Rick Morton
In "Orphanology: Awakening to Gospel-Centered Adoption and Orphan Care," Tony Merida and Rick Morton ask a difficult question, "Will we settle for a safe, comfortable religion or will we use the resources for the good of the world and the glory of Christ?" Orphanology is a challenge.

Finding Aster    
by Dina McQueen
Finding Aster— our Ethiopian adoption story, is a fascinating memoir that follows one woman’s journey to motherhood via international adoption. The title could just as easily have been, Finding Dina, for it is truly a memoir of discovery for the author as she relives the life decisions she has made leading up to the maternal evolution to become a mother.

Adoption Parenting
   Edited By Jean MacLeod & Sheena Macrae, PhD
Over 100 contributors from across the globe have come together to weave a stunning tapestry of advice specifically for adoptive parents. This book looks at the core issues all members of the adoption triad face, and how they affect parenting techniques that just might not be the right fit adopted children.

Beyond Good Intentions
     By Cheri Register
Register examines ten pitfalls that well-meaning parents can slip into: wiping away our children's past; hovering over troubled children; holding the lid on sorrow and anger; parenting on the defensive; believing race doesn't matter; and more.

Twenty Life Transforming Choices Adoptees Need to Make
     By Sherrie Eldridge
From the highly acclaimed author of Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew, this book is a collection of over seventy stories about life's challenges as an adoptee--challenges which are often kept hidden from others.

Inside Transracial Adoption
     By Gail Steinberg and Beth Hall
Using a careful blend of academic research, social reality, and personal experience, Inside Transracial Adoption provides creative, confident, pro-active, and provocative guidance for prospective parents who are considering transracial adoption for the first time.

Adoption Nation
     By Adam Pertman
Adoption is accelerating our transformation into a more multicultural and multi-ethnic society, even as it helps redefine our understanding of family. Filled with information and a wealth of dramatic, real-life stories, this book is essential reading for adoptive families and those considering adoption.

The Post-Adoption Blues
   By Karen J. Foli, Ph.D. & John R. Thompson, M.D.
The path to parenting through adoption is rich with rewards and fulfillment. But it's not without bumps. This compassionate, and uplifting book is the first to offer solutions for the normal  but unspoken feelings of stress that adoptive families encounter as they cope with new challenges and expectations.

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The Jungle Book
Director Jon Favreau
Disney retells its retelling of Rudyard Kipling’s tale of Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera in The Jungle Book. Mowgli is a young human boy who was found abandoned, by a panther named Bagheera. Bagheera brought Mowgli to the wolves Akela and Rashka, who raised him as their own. However, when a drought brings all of the animals together for water, Mowgli is discovered by Shere Kahn, a tiger who hates humans because a human burned Shere Kahn’s face.
My Identity
Produced by Yasmin Minstry
In the film, “My Identity” Ashley shares her journey into the foster care system and the struggles that ensue because of her identity issues. Ashley was raised by her drug addicted, neglectful mother. Ashley shares heartbreaking experiences such as waking up alone and afraid after undergoing open heart surgery as a 5-year-old. As her mother’s drug abuse escalates, Ashley enters the foster care system at age 8, moving in with her aunt while her brother went to live with his biological father.
Little Wild Thang
By Lydia Joyner
Michelle Brown was born into a family struggling with addiction, mental health issues and much more. Michelle Brown, who changed her name to Lydia Joyner, shares her journey through her tumultuous early childhood and into foster care in the new book “Little Wild Thang.”
The Therapeutic Parent
A How-to Handbook for Parent Providing Therapeutic Foster Care
Family Care Network, Inc.
Created for foster parents who work with children in foster care to help them heal and become successful, “The Therapeutic Parent” serves as an in-depth guide for that parenting journey. Starting with the chapter, “The Journey Begins” the book identifies all of the unique skills and tools therapeutic foster parents will need for their foster parenting journey.
Lifebook for Transitional Age Youth
Family Care Network Inc.
Lifebooks hold valuable information for children who have few details on their early beginnings. For many teenagers in foster care, the details of their early childhood and subsequent years can be quite limited. However, Family Care Network has created a unique lifebook specifically for teens transitioning to adulthood. The “Lifebook for Transitional Age Youth” serves as part journal, part personal history keeper and keeper of documentation and plans for the future.

Two Secrets
Directed by Charles Dye
Short Film, 2015, 21 minutes
Just as Janey Marie Duncan has a secret, others are keeping a different secret from her. As an adoptee, the two secrets come crashing in on Duncan when she receives the family tree project at school. Duncan struggles to find the truth about her beginnings as she must discover her genetic history to complete the school project.

Helping Foster Children in School
A Guide for Foster Parents, Social Workers and Teachers
By John DeGarmo
The latest book for John DeGarmo, “Helping Foster Children in School,” is a guid for helps foster parents, social workers, teachers and others as they seek to understand the challenges children in foster care face. The book provides a basic understanding of foster care and why children live in the foster care system. With statistics provided, the book highlights the large number of children entering or live in foster care each year.

Between Families
By Karin Mitchell
In Karin Mitchell’s debut novel, she creates the story of Seffra Morgan, a 12-year-old dealing with a drug addicted mother. Mitchell sets the book in the 1990s in St. Louis and details the struggle of Seffra’s life taking care of herself and her mother. Seffra knows that her mother is not perfect, but trips to Chicago show Seffra a glimpse of what her life could be like with a mother who was sober.

What Led Me to You
How a mother’s faith and family grew in ways she never expected
By Carrie Dahlin
When Carrie Dahlin and her husband Jeff answered the call to become foster parents, they had no idea what the journey ahead of them would look like. The couple ultimately ended up fostering and adopting several children, but not without experiencing several heart aches and heart breaks along the way.

The Pop Up Kid: Secret Memoirs of the Intentionally Abused
By Noah Jacobson
In his new book, “The Pop Up Kid: Secret memoirs of the intentionally abused,” Noah Jacobson brings the reader along as he tells the story of his tumultuous childhood. Beginning with his first years in Alaska, Jacobson opens with his first brush with death. After falling out of a moving car while on the way to visit his father at the hospital, Jacobson finds himself changing spiritually.

Tough Love
Director/Producer: Stephanie Wang-Breal
Producer: Carrie Weprin
Premiering on PBS July 6, “Tough Love” follows two families involved with the foster care system. From Patrick Brown in Washington to Hannah in New York, both lose their children to the foster care system after calling Child Protective Services themselves.
Cut Adrift: Families in Insecure Times
By Marianne Cooper, Ph.D.
Marianne Cooper is a sociologist at the Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University and an affiliate at the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality. She earned a doctorate in sociology from the University of California, Berkeley. Cooper was the lead researcher for “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead” by Sheryl Sandberg. She is also a contributor to LeanIn.
ReMoved 2: Remember My Story
Directed by Tony Cruz and Nathanael Matanick
Written and Produced by Nathanael and Christina Matanick
If Zoe’s story in the first ReMoved short film left you riveted to the screen, wait until you watch ReMoved 2. The latest film, subtitled “Remember My Story,” is a continuation of Zoe’s journey in the foster care system. Removed from her abusive biological family and separated from her younger brother Benaiah in the first film, ReMoved 2 shares the siblings’ experience in their foster home, focusing specifically on Zoe’s perspective.

The Kinship Parenting Toolbox
Edited by Kim Phagan-Hansel
For anyone — grandparents, other relatives, family friends — who take on the task of raising children without parental help, “The Kinship Parenting Toolbox” is a great read and a great resource. It offers a comprehensive primer on kinship care, providing “a” to “z” reviews of kinship parenting issues. The Toolbox covers a wide variety of challenging circumstances.

What Foster Parents Need to Know
Keeping a Journal, Handling Allegations, Adoption Subsidies and More
By James A. Kenny, Ph.D.
The book may be small, but “What Foster Parents Need to Know” is filled with so much information foster parents will be overwhelmed on first glance. Crafted by Dr. James Kenny, who has dedicated his life to helping children in foster care, “What Foster Parents Need to Know” is a compilation of a lifetime of research, experience and wisdom.

Fostering Adolescents
By Elaine farmer, Sue Moyers and Jo Lipscombe
Most caregivers will agree that adolescents are the most difficult group to foster and therefore have high rates of placement breakdown. Elaine Farmer and her colleagues examined what helps to make their placements work. Key issues for this age group are explored, including peer relationships, sexual health and relationships, the impact of the adolescent on the foster family and balancing their need for safety and autonomy.

Welcome to the Roller Coaster
Real Life Stories of the Ups and Downs of Foster Care
By D.D. Foster
When 14 foster moms team up to share their fostering stories, you get a roller coaster of emotions provided throughout the pages of “Welcome to the Roller Coaster.” This new book shares a variety of foster perspectives from happily-ever-after tales of foster care adoption to the yo-yo process of reunification. One foster mom shares how the heart break of letting go of one foster sons led to the creation of a larger extended family that included her former foster son.

Zoey to the Max
Directed by Jim Valdez
Zoey (played by Cassidy Mack, the 2014 Adoption Day spokesperson) is a young teen growing up in foster care. She’s bounced through multiple homes and struggled to fit in at school and with her foster families. After an incident with some kids from school, Zoey ends up inadvertently running away. When she ends up in a small California town, her life begins to change for the better when she meets Sheriff Tom Jenkins (Grant Bowler) and his wife, Samantha (Amy Smart), and their black lab Max.

Creating Stable Foster Placements: Learning from Foster Children and the Families Who Care for Them
By Andy Pithouse and Alyson Rees
“Creating Stable Foster Placements” uses research to identify the key ingredients needed to successful foster placements and prevent placement break down. Studying the lives and activities of 10 foster families who provide stable and effective care, the authors explore the families’ everyday worlds. They look at the negotiations, activities, settings, meetings, rituals and relationships which help to create their successful placements.
I Thought I Wouldn’t Tell It: A Memoir of Hard Life and Hope
By Deloris Dallas
From infancy Deloris Dallas experienced abuse and neglect. Now she’s telling her story of hardship and loss, as well as her drive to improve her life in the new book, “I Thought I Wouldn’t Tell It.” Growing up in Jamaica, Dallas was abandoned at birth by both her mother and father who were involved in an adulterous relationship. Raised by Percival and Mary Jonas, Dallas experienced a somewhat stable childhood even though there were several instances of abuse and attempted sexual abuse.

Feeling Wanted
Directed & Produced by Yasmin Mistry
Edited by Livia Cheibub
What this film lacks in length is made up for in message. “Feeling Wanted” tells the journey of Charell Star Charleston growing up in a dysfunctional household, bouncing to the homes of various family members and eventually ending up in foster care. Charleston’s story is one of tragedy and triumph. While her story is not necessarily unique compared to other children who have entered foster care, Charleston is eloquent and powerful in how she shares her story.
Directors Graham Annable, Anthony Stacchi
Archibald Snatcher longs to become a member of the elite class in his town — the White Hats. He tells the leader of the White Hats, Lord Portley-Rind that a local infant — The Trubshaw Baby — has been kidnapped by Boxtrolls, an underground society of tinkerers with their own language and unorthodox looks. Portley-Rind agrees that if Snatcher kills all of the Boxtrolls, he can become a member of the White Hats.

Building Self-Esteem in Children
and Teens Who Are Adopted or Fostered

By Dr. Sue Cornbluth
This book is a guide for you to learn about how to build self-esteem within yourself and your fostered or adopted child or teen’s life. National childhood trauma expert Dr. Sue Cornbluth offers simple advise to those supporting children aged 7 and older. She explains why adopted or fostered children can often experience self-esteem issues, the impact it can have on their lives, and offers everyday strategies to help the child to move beyond their trauma and develop healthy self-esteem.

I’m Nobody: My mother said it, I no longer believe it
By Erma Steppe
Erma Steppe’s first memories were of staying out of the way. Steppe shares her story of hiding behind doors and making herself as small as possible to survive in the memoir “I’m Nobody.” Steppe had been abandoned by her mother and left at her aunt’s home, her mother coming in and out of her life over the years. Steppe watched her younger siblings receive similar uncaring treatment as they joined the family and eventually all of them were swept into the foster care system.
Earth to Echo
Director David Green
Tuck, Munch and Alex are junior high friends who have big plans for their last night together. Their neighborhood is about to be evacuated for the construction of a bypass. The loss of their neighborhood is significant to each boy, because each of them feels somewhat displaced. Tuck has moved from New York to Nevada, and is also overshadowed by his popular older brother. Munch doesn’t make friends easily. Alex is a foster kid, who Tuck says “has been moved all over.”
Walk to Beautiful
The Power of Love and Homeless Kids Who Found the Way
By Jimmy Wayne  with Ken Abraham
Jimmy Wayne was on a fast track to stardom as a rising country music singer with number one hits like Do You Believe Me Now and I Love You This Much. With all the hustle and bustle of success, Wayne was focused on his career, but something stronger was calling him, haunting him. Wayne’s life wasn’t always about singing and success, in fact, his early childhood was filled with abuse, neglect and despair.

Attachment and Bonding
in the Foster and Adopted Child

By James Kenny, Ph.D., and Peter Kenny, JD
Understanding the impact of bonding and attachment on children is critical in understanding the effects of foster care placements on children, according to the new book, “Attachment and Bonding in the Foster and Adopted Child.” The book explores the concept of bonding and the importance of being able to determine what constitutes a bonded relationship between a child and caregiver as it applies to foster care.

Angels Passing Through
Reflections on Growing Up With Foster Babies
By Peter Mastrantuono
“Angels Passing Through” is a biography of selected foster infants who, in a special way impacted the lives of the author’s family while in their care. Their biographies are short, covering the brief but indelible time they spent with the Mastrantuono family. It is also the author’s memoir of a childhood marked by the fleeting (and sometimes not-so-fleeting) visits of temporary family members and how this experience reverberated in the years that followed even to this day.

Handbook for an Unpredictable Life
How I Survived Sister Renata and My Crazy Mother, and Still Came Out Smiling (With Great Hair)
By Rosie Perez
From troubled childhood to stardom, Rosie Perez chronicles her life experience and how her early childhood has impacted her life in “Handbook for an Unpredictable Life.” Born to unwed parents, who were married to other people, Perez was raised for the first three years of her life by her aunt (her father’s sister). At age 3, Perez was collected by her mentally unstable mother and placed into Saint Joseph’s Catholic Home for Children in Peekskill, New York.

Rich in Love
When God Rescues Messy People
By Irene Garcia with Lissa Halls Johnson
Fourteen-year-old Irene was infatuated with Domingo Garcia when the two started dating. But something about him also scared her, so she broke up with him only to find out a few weeks later that she was pregnant. The young girl quickly transitioned to adulthood after she and Domingo got married and began to raise their son. As Domingo’s behavior progressed to more and more abusive, Irene struggled with her relationship with her husband and God.

One Perfect Day:A Mother and Son’s Story of Adoption
and Reunion
By Diane Burke with Steve Orlandi
This memoir, “One Perfect Day,” is a journey of love and loss, pain and forgiveness. The moment Diane Burke, an author and mother of two grown sons, received an unexpected certified letter in the mail, she had no idea her life would be shaken to its core. Memories of a past she had buried more than 40 years ago suddenly resurfaced, and she wasn’t prepared to deal with them.

Prison Baby
By Deborah Jiang Stein
Learning that she was born in a prison shook Deborah Jiang Stein to the core. Adopted by a Jewish couple when transracial adoption was new, Stein grew up feeling disconnected from her family of academics. She struggled with the idea of where she fit in her family and world after learning that her birth mother had given birth to her in prison. Long before there were adoption support groups and research on open adoptions, families like Stein’s struggled to know how to address various aspects of a child’s adoption story. For Stein’s family, that meant not discussing it.

Keeping Foster Children Safe Online
By John DeGarmo, Ed.D.
The dangers of the Internet are real, and for children in foster care even more so. From bullying to online predators, there are many dangers to navigate and parents need to be aware of their children’s online activities and the dangers that lurk there. Now there is a comprehensive book that helps guide parents in monitoring their foster children’s online activities. 

Inside Kinship Care
Understanding Family Dynamics and Providing Effective Support
Edited by David Pitcher
Kinship care — the care of children by grandparents, other relatives or friends — is a major part of foster care, yet there are distinct issues that arise in care involving family rather than “stranger” foster caregivers.

One Kid at a Time
A single dad, a boy in foster care, and an adoption
By Jake Dekker
Jake Dekker wanted to be a dad. But after a break-up with his long-time partner, the chance to ever become a dad seemed beyond his reach until he got a call about Danny. Dekker’s adoption paperwork had seemed like an answer for a caseworker searching for a family for one troubled 10-year-old boy. As luck worked in their favor to bring the two together, they also began to form a unique bond. While it wasn’t always easy, Dekker and Danny become father and son, forming their own small family unit.

Gimme Shelter
Based on a true story
Written and Directed by Ronald Krauss
“Gimme Shelter” is a powerful new film based on the inspiring true story of 16-year-old Agnes “Apple” Bailey (Vanessa Hudgens). The story follows Apple as she decides to escape the control of her abusive and addict mother (Rosario Dawson), and finds herself alone, homeless and pregnant. Apple tracks down her Wall Street father (Brendan Fraser), but is not welcome by his new wife. Not wanting to be placed back into foster care, her desperate journey of survival begins.

Know How
From The Possibility Project
Directed by Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza
“Know How” follows the lives of a handful of New York teenagers — Addie, Marie, Megan, Eva, Austin — as they struggle in their families, in foster care and living on the streets. As each teen is impacted by the adults in their lives who are supposed to protect them and keep them safe, they enter foster care, most moved to group homes. Addie works to earn the credits she needs to graduate while living with her aunt since her mother died years earlier.

Devotions of Comfort and Hope
for Adoptive and Foster Moms

By Carol Lozier, LCSW with Lisa Edmunds
Where do you turn to in your darkest hour or in your greatest moment of joy? Who gives you strength when you’re just starting the adoption process or struggling with your child’s difficult behaviors? For many, the answer would be to God or the bible. The new book, “Devotions of Comfort and Hope for Adoptive and Foster Moms” is the perfect answer for families struggling for help or needing affirmation of the path they’re traveling and the work they’re doing.

A Different Home: A New Foster Child’s Story
By John DeGarmo, Ed.D., and Kelly DeGarmo
Illustrated by Norma Jeanne Trammell
Being removed from your birth family and placed into the care of a foster family — mere strangers — is a traumatic experience for children. The new book, “A Different Home: A New Foster Child’s Story” chronicles Jessica’s journey from an everyday student sitting in class to the moment her life forever changed when she was taken into child protective custody. Jessica moves in with a foster family, and while nice people, she is scared, alone and confused by her situation.

To The End of June
The Intimate Life of American Foster Care
By Cris Beam
Who are the children of foster care? What, as a country do we owe them? Cris Beam, a foster mother herself, spent five years immersed in the world of foster care, looking into these questions and tracing firsthand stories. The result is “To The End of June,” an unforgettable portrait that takes us deep inside the lives of foster children at the critical points in their search for a stable, loving family.

Foster Parenting Step-By-Step: How to Nurture the Traumatized Child and Overcome Conflict
By Dr. Kalyani Gopal
Foreward by Irene Clements
Get your highlighter! “Fostering Parenting Step-By-Step” is one book you’ll want to mark up. Created by Dr. Kalyani Gopal, a therapist who has worked with foster children for a number of years, the book offers a wealth of information in an easy-to-access format. For more than 25 years, Gopal has worked with children in foster care and the foster parents who care for them.

Short Term 12
By Destin Daniel Cretton
When Nate starts work at the group home Short Term 12, he enters an entirely new world. For most people who watch the new film, it will be as eye-opening as it was for Nate, whose character is loosely based on the director’s own experience working in a group home. Grace and Mason, both alums of the foster care system themselves, work with the kids at Short Tern 12 to address the deep feelings of their lives and experiences in care.

Through the Eyes of an Orphan
By Heather O'Neil
Imagine being taken from the only home you know, the parents who have cared for you since birth and have suddenly been sent to live with strangers. For 5-year-old Anita and 4-year-old Jackie that was their experience. And even though their home life was less than ideal, nothing prepared them for the years ahead when they would experience neglect and abuse — mental, physical, sexual — in their foster home.

Untouchable Flame: A Memoir of a Young Girls Hardship and Trying to Survive Through the Foster Care System
By Kemesha L. Swan
“Untouchable Flame” tells the story of a young girl born on the West Side of Chicago, who was often left by her parents, along with her siblings, in a dark, cold, rat-infested basement without food and proper clothing for weeks at a time, waiting for their mother to return from her drug induced gambits to care for them.

Another Forgotten Child
By Cathy Glass
When 8-year-old Aimee enters foster care, she finds herself living with Cathy Glass, a veteran foster parent. Overcome with lice, covered in bruises and sporting a nasty attitude, Aimee is slowly brought into the reality of what it is like to live with a loving, caring family. Glass has been a foster mother to more than 100 children during the last 25 years and works diligently to help Aimee heal from the neglect caused by her birth mother and the abuse that happened at the hands of her mother’s friends.

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Foster Parent Manual: A Practical Guide to Creating a Loving, Safe and Stable Home
By Dr. John DeGarmo
Making the decision to become a foster parent can be difficult. While it may be easy to decide if you want to open your heart and home to a child in need, there are many things to consider and learn about before becoming a foster parent.

Adoption & Foster Care RX
Solutions for Wounded Families

By Terry Meeuwsen
If you are parenting a child with a wounded past, you’ve probably felt many times like you’ve come to the end of yourself — out of patience, out of answers and out of control. If you have ever second-guessed your decision to take a child into your life, home or heart, you’re not alone.

Roebuck Media
Eli’s early childhood is marked by abuse at the hands of his father and neglect by his drug addict mother who ends up overdosing. When he comes to a summer camp for children in foster care, he is an angry and hurt little boy, much like all the other children attending camp. At Camp, children in foster care are welcomed to a magical place.

One For the Murphys
By Lynda Mullaly Hunt
Twelve-year-old Carley Connors can take a lot. Growing up in Las Vegas with her fun-loving mother, she’s learned to be tough. But she never expected a betrayal that would land her in foster care. Then she is paced with the Murphys, a lively family with three boys, she’s blindsided. Do happy families really exist? Carley knows she could never belong in their world, so she keeps her distance.

The Stovepipe
By Bonnie E. Virag
Growing up in a poor family with many siblings in the 1930s, Bonnie Virag and her twin sister Betty were primarily raised by their older sister “Muggs.” While sometimes they didn’t have enough to eat, Bonnie felt safe nestled amongst her brothers and sister.
When Bonnie was about 4 years old her life changed one day.

From Foster to Fabulous: One little girl’s journey through abuse, foster care, aging out, and life beyond
By Helen Ramaglia
“From Foster to Fabulous” is the memoir of Helen Ragaglia. It is the deeply personal story taken from Helen’s birth in the back seat of a neighbor’s car, through her battered and traumatized childhood years, to her struggle for identity and redemption, to her life changing acceptance of self and a loving relationship with her Creator.

Fostering Change
Halo Films
Jodi Orton was called into parenting after struggling with infertility and discovering two little Russian children in need of a forever family. After adopting the two infants, Orton’s life was forever changed.

From Foster Care to Fabulous: An Imperative Movement
By Capri C. Cruz
Some of Capri Cruz’s earliest memories include her parents’ violence toward one another and their constant struggle with chemical dependencies. When 7-year-old Cruz entered foster care, she and her brother suffered physical, emotional and sexual abuse at the hands of those who were meant to help them.

The Adoptive & Foster Parent Guide
By Carol Lozier, MSW, LCSW
With more than 20 years of experience working with children and families touched by adoption and foster care, Carol Lozier, MSW, LCSW, has collected her knowledge and wisdom into a new easy-to-use guide for families.

Fostering Love: One Foster Parent's Journey
By Dr. John DeGarmo
Life leads each of us in different directions, and for some like John and Kelly DeGarmo, that direction includes parenting children in need. John chronicles his life journey, including his call to become a foster parent in the new book, “Fostering Love: One Foster Parent’s Journey.” DeGarmo shares the story of how he and his wife met and their journey to build a family.

Two Empty Bedrooms
By Michelle Vandepas
Called to parent late in life, Michelle Vandepas was pulled toward foster care in her early forties. Since making that decision, 10 children have entered Vandepas’ life, some for a few days, others staying forever. Vandepas chronicles her journey of becoming a foster parent and the experiences she has as a foster parent in the new book, “Two Empty Bedrooms.”

On the Edge of Unthinkable
By Paula Ann Kyle
Suffering verbal abuse at the hands of her father (who she would later learn was really her stepfather), watching her mother sink into depression so severe that she eventually ended her life and living with a physically abusive stepmother, Paula Ann Kyle’s life was incredibly difficult from an early age.

American's Most Unwanted
By Shani Heckman
The statistics for children who age out of foster care are grim. Many of them will become homeless or incarcerated. A large portion will become teen parents and some will repeat the cycle of abuse and neglect that caused their own parents to lose their parental rights.

The Language of Flowers
By Vanessa Diffenbaugh
Every flower has a meaning, and “The Language of Flowers” gives meaning and understanding to children in foster care. Written by foster mother Vanessa Diffenbaugh, “The Language of Flowers” follows the journey of Victoria, who enters the foster care system as an infant and exits at age 18.

Given a Chance . . . A little girl’s journey
Directed by Kim Marriner
Produced by Tami Lynn Productions
A 50 minute educational video with a focus on adopting children with Special Needs as seen through the eyes of Kassie, a young lady with cerebral palsy.

Three Little Words, a Memoir
By Ashley Rhodes-Courter
For a child making their way through foster care, it is a frightening and daunting experience. Ashley Rhodes-Courter found herself submerged into the system at the age of 3. It would take nine years, 14 placements, numerous schools, caseworkers, foster parents, therapists, judges and one Guardian ad Litem to get her out the other side into permanence.

Succeed Because of What You’ve Been Through
By Rhonda Sciortino
Abandoned at the age of 6 months, raised by a mentally ill man and an alcoholic woman in a bizarre, emotional roller coaster of a childhood, Rhonda Sciortino used the coping skills garnered from her childhood survival to start her own business and develop it into a multi-million dollar balance sheet.

Postcards From The Soul
By Foster Care Alumni of America
When you open "Postcards From The Soul," you’ll see into the depths of the often-hidden emotions of people who have shared extraordinary experiences. This collection of postcards is both moving and illuminating.

The Foster Parenting Toolbox
Edited by Kim Phagan-Hansel
This book will never look the same. Once you start reading it, corners will be turned down and post-it notes will stick out at odd angles. The spine will be cracked where it was laid flat to photocopy that inspirational page to post on the fridge. Like a well-loved teddy bear, this book will show its value.

By Jessica Lee Anderson
An only child living with her biological mother and her mother’s girlfriend, Calli is launched into the world of siblings when her mom and partner Liz decide to become foster parents. The book, "Calli" follows this teen girl’s journey as she adjusts to suddenly having a sibling, sharing her house, and navigating the tumultuous waters of building a relationship with a same-aged stranger with a difficult background.

Finding a Forever Family: A News Anchors
Notebook on Adoption within the Foster Care System

By Christine Devine with Allison Bottke
When tackling the assignment of featuring children in need of forever families on California’s KTTV Fox 11 Sunday’s Child program (now called Wednesday’s Child) many years ago, News Anchor Christine Devine was confronted with more than an assignment. She came face-to-face with her past.

Okay, which one of you took my sanity? A fun guide to foster, adoptive and other kinds of parenting
By Matthew W. Hoffman and Claudia M. Fletcher
Two foster parents from starkly different backgrounds recently teamed up to create a realistic view of foster parenting, sprinkled with a bit of survivor’s advice in the new book, "Okay, Which One of Your Took My Sanity?"

Beneath the Mask: Understanding Adopted Teens
     By Debbie Riley, M.S.

Dear Mom and Dad, care to know what’s going on in your adopted teen’s head? Think identifying some strategies to deal with all those feelings might restore some peace at home? A new book by C.A.S.E. Executive Director, Debbie Riley, addresses the unique issues faced by adopted teens and their families.

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Pushing Up the Sky - A Mother's Journey
   By Terra Trevor
In 1987, Terra Trevor and her husband Gary adopted a ten-year-old daughter from South Korea. Her new daughter experienced difficulty adjusting to becoming the oldest child in a mixed blood American Indian-Caucasian family. Her birth daughter, usurped from oldest to middle child, had a difficult transition too. Then her son, also adopted from Korea, was diagnosed with a brain tumor, an event that changed all of their lives forever.

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