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Inside the Current Issue:
SPECIAL FEATURE: Operation Baby Lift 40 Years Later
Exhibition Set to Honor the Lives of Those Impacted by Operation Babylift
By Kim Phagan-Hansel

I am a Survivor
By Sarah Lawrence

I Have Come Full Circle
By Tricia Houston

Dui Boi
By Pam Correll

I am Grounded in My Identity
By Duong Thi Kim Lan

My Journey is a New Dawn
By Jason Kayser

I Survived . . . I am Fortunate
By Carrie Ngoc Anh Briggs

It All Started with a Box of Cupcakes
By LeAnn Thieman

FOCUS: Beyond Culture
Mourning Culture
By Kevin Hofmann

Culture Camp is Every Day
By Krista Woods, MSW, LCSW

Letting Go
By Leslie Wong, Ph.D., and Chin Ponte, Ph.D.

My Heart Belongs to Two Countries
By Kahleah Guibault

By Heather Diaz

Socialization and Peer Interaction in Older Internationally Adopted Children: Causes of Struggle Part I
By Boris Gindis, Ph.D.

Editorís Thread
By Kim Phagan-Hansel

News Briefs

Legislative Update
By Congressional Coalition on Adoption

Birth Motherís Perspective
By Patricia Dischler

Donaldson Adoption Institute
By April Dinwoodie

Resource Reviews
By Kim Phagan-Hansel and Richard Fischer

Birth Family Search
By Lisa Cooper

CEU Quiz

Adoption Classifieds

Christian Alliance for Orphans
The CAFO 2015 Summit
By Jedd Medefind