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Inside the Current Issue:
FOCUS: Relationships
Evolving Relationships
By Caroline F. Daniel

Giving My Children Custody of Their Own Lives
By Terra Trevor

Legacy Fulfilled III
By Bert Ballard, Ph.D.

The Changing Landscape of Family
By Emily Parker

Adoption or Hanai? Redefining the Meaning of Family
By Kimberly Smythe

Getting By With a Little Help from My Community
By Katie Overstreet

Two Moms Team Up to Make a Difference for 147 Million Orphans
By Suzanne Mayernick and Gwen Oastvall

Love and Money: Adoption Financing Options
By Julie Worsek Olian

Conceiving an Adoption Plan: The Making of Our Adoption Music Video
By Melissa Savage

Growing Up Strong
By Ormadee Baxter-Lovo

April Showers: Tips on Throwing a Baby Show of Adoptive Parents
By Nicole Witt

Created for Destiny
By Stephanie Fast

I was the Chosen Baby
By Celie Mercadante

Editorís Thread
By Richard Fischer

News Briefs

Our Reflections
By Jessie Lutz

Resource Reviews
By Everly Pleasant, Sarah Townsend and Richard Fischer

Adoption Financing
By Cherri Walrod

The Donaldson Adoption Institute: Building Solidarity Through Authentic Relationships
By April Dinwoodie and Kim Paglino

CEU Quiz

Adoption Classifieds