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Inside the Current Issue:
FOCUS: Intercountry Adoption
State Department Adds New Adoption Division Chief: Trish Maskew
By Kim Phagan-Hansel

A Beginnerís Guide to Intercountry Adoption
By Susan Serrano

Rehomed . . . Should Never be a Term Used for Children
By Mary Osgood

An Unnamed Baby
By Dr. Jane Aronson

When Life Doesnít Go According to Plan
By Clairmarie Hanavan Field

Climbing Pacaya with Jac
By Bambi Wineland

Helping Parents Whose Adopted Teenagers Engage in Self-Destructive Behaviors
By Lisa Ferentz

Giving the Gift of Adoption: Loreen Spencer
By Brian Murphy

An Insiderís View of Adoption
By Kristy Hartley-Galbraith

The Place Babies Come From
By Renee S. Henning

Socialization and Peer Interaction in Older Internationally Adopted Children: Remediation and Scaffolding Part II
By Boris Gindis, Ph.D.

The Cost of a New Mom
By Rain James

Part of the Journey: Adoption Costs
By Kristin Shuff

The Child Who Should be Mine
By Cindy Champnella

Editorís Thread
By Richard Fischer

News Briefs

Our Reflections
By Jessie Lutz

Resource Reviews
By Kim Phagan-Hansel and Richard Fischer

he Donaldson Adoption Institute: Intercountry Adoption
By April Dinwoodie

Adoption Financing
By Cherri Walrod

CEU Quiz

Adoption Classifieds