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Inside the Current Issue:
FOCUS: National Adoption Month
National Adoption Month 2015
By Kelly Canter, MSW

National Adoption Day 2015
By Sarah Townsend

Intercountry Adoption Update with the State Departmentís Special Advisor of Childrenís Issues Ambassador Susan Jacobs
By Kim Phagan-Hansel

Rainbow Kids
By Kim Phagan-Hansel

The Bamboo Project
By Elisabeth McGinnis and Desiree White

Without a Net
By Jodi Jackson Tucker

Viewpoint: Recognizing and Overcoming Challenges in Adoption Services
by Jennifer Mellon

Predicting the Future of Intercountry Adoption
By Maureen McCauley Evans

Whatís Next for Adoption Advocates?
By Chuck Johnson

To Say Mother
By Terra Trevor

A Tribute to Betty Tisdale
By Bert Ballard, Mai Lara Tisdale, Elizabeth Douple Berg, Kim-Lan Carlson, Thuvan Debellis, Bui Dung, Jared Rehberg, Jason Robertson and Tam Tran

Battle Shaping Up Over the Indian Child Welfare Act
By Gayle Reaves

International Adoption: How to Incorporate Your Childís Birth Culture into Everyday Life
By Kresta Stone

Editorís Thread
By Richard Fischer

News Briefs

Our Reflections
By Jessie Lutz

Adoption Financing
By Cherri Walrod

The Donaldson Adoption Institute: Reframing Conversations During National Adoption Month
By April Dinwoodie and Kimberly Paglino

Resource Reviews
By Addison Cooper, LCSW, and Kim Phagan-Hansel

CEU Quiz

Adoption Classifieds