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Inside the Current Issue:
Deciding to Adopt: What to Consider
By Tracy Turner-Keyser, MA, BC-DMT, LPC and David Keyser, Ph.D.

When and How to Have the Adoption Conversation with Your Child
By Ken Huey, Ph.D.

Love and So Much More
By Susan Serrano

Is This Typical Teen Behavior or an Adoption-Related Mess?
By Ken Huey, Ph.D.

Talking with Your Children About Adoption
By Lesli Johnson, MFT

Setting up for Success
By Tracy Whitt

Dear Future Daughter
By Aracely Cardona

Understanding the Adoption Tax Credit
By Becky Wilmoth, RTRP

The Tests of Love
By R. Dubucs

A Grandma at Last
By Lorna Cassie-Bywater

Human Trafficking: It’s Happening in Your Community
By Dawn Jeffery

A Stranger in the Crib
By Esther MacDonald

Linking Adoptees Nationwide: Why Connect-A-Kid is Important to Me
By Abbey Smith

ABC Family’s The Fosters
By Juan Diego ‘JD’ Parra and Erik Cooper

On the Set of The Fosters
By Juan Diego ‘JD’ Parra

Teenaged Girl Hopes for a Blizzard of Embryo Adoptions in By Kimberly Tyson

Story of Eveiopia
By Kim Davis

Editor’s Thread
By Richard Fischer

News Briefs

Adoption Financing
By Cherri Walrod

The Adoption Institute: It All Begins With the Preparation
By Adam Pertman and David Brodzinsky, Ph.D.

Our Reflections
By Kacy Ames-Heron, LCSW

CEU Quiz

Adoption Classifieds

Christian Alliance for Orphans Insert
Youth Aging Out of Care: Huge Need, Huge Opportunity
By W. Scott Brown

Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit 10
By CAFO Staff