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Adoption changes the lives of one couple
who launches a business to bring
awareness to older child adoption

By Kim Phagan-Hansel

It was a mild health scare in 2010 that forever changed Rosine McCauley’s life. When some medical tests came back with a few concerns, Rosine decided she needed to take up a new cause in her life. A few weeks later she was introduced to Florida-based Community Partnership for Children and signed up to mentor a child.

“They were looking for some new mentors,” Rosine said. “I thought ‘that is what I’m supposed to do.’”

A few weeks later Rosine met 16-year-old Stephen Klinker, who was living in a group home. Quiet and reserved, Rosine was determined to give Stephen more normal teenage experiences.

“Stephen had been living in a group home since he was 6 years old,” Rosine said. “He was extremely quiet.”

But Rosine found a way to get Stephen to open up when she gave him a cell phone. The two started texting back and forth and Stephen began to share more and more of his story.

“What an amazing tool for kids,” Rosine said. “Stephen started sharing his feelings with me via text. And every time we saw each other we knew a little more about each other.”

Pretty soon Rosine’s husband Curt was joining the two on their excursions and a strong relationship between the three began to build. It wasn’t long before Stephen asked the McCauleys to adopt him. The McCauleys officially adopted Stephen the day after his 17th birthday.

For the couple who never had children, Stephen fit well into their lives. With Curt, a sea captain, and Rosine, an assistant harbor master at Palm Coast Marina in Florida, the couple had never felt like young children would fit well into their daily life. But meeting Stephen made them realize that children of all ages need families.

“Teenagers are great — they fit into our lifestyle,” Rosine said. “It’s been such an unbelievable journey. The risk is worth the reward.”

With Stephen, the couple has experienced many firsts — his first prom, graduation, car and much more. Now in college, but still living at home, Stephen is equally appreciative of all the factors that brought him together with his parents.

“I have a good family,” Stephen said. “It’s been people to help me instead of staff to watch over me.”

Since the McCauleys have had such a life-changing experience since Stephen came into their lives, Rosine wanted to do something to help other children like Stephen.

“These kids deserve families,” Rosine said. “I want to get more people involved with mentoring and adopting older children. I want to help people realize they have to knock down that wall of fear factors.”

Rosine’s father, comedian John Byner always emphasized the word nice and would say, “When things are good, they’re niiiice.” Since that phrase has always made Rosine smile, she wanted to do something that would emphasize the word as well. A year ago, she launched the Niice Stuff line of clothing products. Through the line, which stands for Nurturing Individuals Inspiring Children Everyday, Rosine is trying to raise awareness about teens in foster care who need families.

“I wanted to do something to help more kids in foster care in this country,” Rosine said. “Your chances of being adopted go way down when you turn 12.”

Rosine also gives a portion of the proceeds from the sale of her products to Community Partnership for Children. While Rosine sells her products at the marina store, she’s also marketing to a national audience in hopes of spreading the Niice nationwide.

“Our goal is to take this national,” Rosine said. “It’s a love. I’m on a mission and I’m not stopping.”

Stephen helps Rosine with various parts of the business when he can and he said he believes in her mission to help others.

“Foster kids are not all bad,” Stephen said. “It’s not always the children’s fault that they’re in places.”

For Rosine, watching Stephen come into his own person with the support and love of a family is all the evidence she needs to spread the word about foster care adoption.

“Stephen just needed to know someone had his back and loved and cared about him,” Rosine said. “He’s inspired me to be the best I can be. And people need to be aware that these kids need families.”

For more information on Niice Stuff, visit http://niicestuff.com/ or call 888-247-1313.

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