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Publication Receives Adoption Excellence Award
By Casey Kelly


When asking founder and publisher Richard Fischer about the feedback he gets from the readers of Fostering Families Today, an adoption-resource publication company, he runs to the back off his office at 541 E. Garden Drive and brings out a stack of thank you letters from kids who have been adopted after being featured in his magazine.

“That makes it all worthwhile,” he said.

The Windsor-based company was awarded the 2014 Adoption Excellence Award from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services last week. Fostering Families Today is a bi-monthly magazine that to provides education and resources to foster and adoptive families.

Receiving the award in the media/social media/public awareness category, Fostering Families Today was recognized for its “extraordinary contributions made in providing adoption and other permanency outcomes for children in foster care,” according to an Health and Human Service press release.

The award was given during a ceremony at the Hubert H. Humphrey Building in Washington during the Children’s Bureau Celebration of National Adoption Month.
“Within the adoption community it’s a very prestigious award,” Fischer said. “We were surprised that we were even nominated for this. We go about our work not with the intent of submitting for recognition. We do what we do, that’s it.”

Fischer, who is an adoptive parent himself, began publishing Fostering Families Today in Windsor in 2001.

He also publishes Adoption Today, a publication focused on international adoptions.

The publication’s contributors are often professionals within the adoption community, adoptive families and young-adult adoptees.

“You can look at our list of contributors, and it basically reads like a who’s who in the adoption community,” Fischer said.

Each issue, and the company’s website, contains profiles of children waiting to be adopted, in hopes that bringing more interest in the children will help find them adopted homes.

“All the kids that appear on these pages are all legally available for adoption,” Fischer said. “These kids need homes and unfortunately too many of them won’t find a home.”

Currently, there are about 112,000 kids in America’s foster care system waiting to be adopted. Fischer said of that group, about 80 percent are between the ages of 9 and 18, and about 40 percent are black.

“Myself and my editors all understand the needs of these kids,” Fischer said. “These kids need a voice and we like to think we’ve been a good representative of that voice.”

For more information about Fostering Families Today and Adoption Today publications, go to www.adoptinfo.net.

Reprinted with permission from Windsor Now.

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